Your support to American Bible Society Armed Service Ministry means the world to our troops, just as Point of Grace’s personal and public support of our servicemen and women inspires and comforts them during often trying times! You see, wherever our brave military personnel serve, they are facing warfare: sometimes physical, frequently spiritual.

In the face of such conflict, God’s Word is often hard to hear and harder to find. The need for Bibles is great, and so is this opportunity we share!

Prayerfully consider making a $10 per month gift that will provide 24 soldiers with Bibles and Scripture materials this year.


For 193 years (1817-2010) and through nine wars, American Bible Society has provided Scriptures to millions of men and women in the U.S. Armed Forces. Today there are 100 million individuals in the military community who we have the opportunity to serve through American Bible Society’s Armed Services Ministry.

The Armed Services Ministry exists to help meet the critical spiritual needs of our nation’s military community. By providing Bibles and customized Scripture engagement materials to active service members and their families, these men, women and their families receive direction, hope, courage, peace and comfort through God’s Word as they serve our nation.